With the need for improvements towards achieving customer satisfaction and provide the gear you need, through a direct, innovative and efficient. Next comes a project being worked from 2013 in order to develop strategies in response to customer needs. Thus it was born Maderas Tratadas, MT, S.R.L

A company dedicated to the processing and drying of timber with chemicals, incorporating:

Treatment Plant.

Today, due to concerns about the environment and changes in our lifestyle, wood becomes part of unpublished industrial applications, becoming one of the most widely used in building materials. The treatments by impregnation (Vacuum-pressure-vacuum) for wood preservation born as an alternative to other methods, which were much less effective because of their lower penetration, which are deprecated (surface finishes, protective exterior products).

With treatment by (vacuum-pressure-vacuum) ensures that the protective products from reaching the innermost wood, which is an outcome that will prolong the life of this. Previously conditioned timber is loaded into an autoclave, a vacuum is applied to remove air from the inside and then the preservative is introduced. Once the preservative fills the autoclave, pressure is applied until the wood has no more capacity to absorb or until the required retention of the preservative is required by the standard, after the desired penetration is achieved, a vacuum is done end to ensure the fixation of the wood preservative.

Drying Ovens

Freshly cut wood contains a lot of water. If water is not removed, the timber can not be used to produce a finished product of good quality. When the wood is properly dried it is much more easy to work than wet wood. When wood is dried properly, machined better, sticks better, and has better finish.

Drying also improves the strength of wood, kills infestations, hardens the sapwood, preserves the color, reduces weight and controls shrinkage. When wood is dried under controlled conditions it is susceptible to cracks, stains, and other impairments that reduce their selling price and its feasibility to be worked. With an oven Nyle dehumidification, drying wood is easy and inexpensive for any size operation.

In our drying ovens, wood is placed in a chamber where the air flow, temperature, and humidity are controlled to provide as quickly as can be tolerated by the wood drying without causing major defects.