Company dedicated to the commercialization of timber import and hardware effects, stains and varnishes and everything related to the wood finish.

Since our inception we work to maintain quality and personalized service that characterizes us as a team to be performing it that gear the market demands of business, in order to meet the needs of our customers.


Grow and remain a market leader in timber services, not to mention the high quality standards of our products and excellent customer service.


Staying in the market as leader having on hand the solution to the needs of our customers while meeting quality, price and service.


  • Respect
  • Teamwork
  • Service Excellence
  • Discipline
  • Companionship
  • Continuous improvement
  • Commitment


Maderas Decorativas S.A, MADECO, born in 2001 as a company dedicated to the import and sale of tropical wood (sawn), and derivatives thereof, in the city of Santo Domingo, with the efforts of a team of foreign shareholders and with a professional staff.


These founders of the company have over 45 years experience in the timber market in the areas of Central, North, and South America. These business relationships have allowed MADECO receive direct distribution and sometimes exclusively from timber mills in these sectors, which leads to this MADECO currently positioned among the largest timber companies in the country, and have an extensive inventory of more than 30 species of tropical timber and in turn highlighting it from the competition.

Madeco, No. 1 in personalized customer service and Quality

2002 incorporates a production workshop and customer service, which features a variety of machinery for wood processing, as moulders, brushes, all with the aim of offering a personalized service to our customers, and in turn power offer a great variety of finished products such as jambs, moldings, flooring, products and maintain quality in our demanding timber market.


2002, provides extensive hardware department mainly directed at the cabinetmaker. At the same customers can find any item in order to complete its related wood finish projects. We are exclusive distributors in the country marks stains and varnishes Barpimo SA (Spain) and Bona (Sweden) everything you need for wood floors and furniture. Our workshop offers a complete hardware cutting and grinding. We represent brands such as Norton (abrasives, discs), Johnson Hardware (rails, sliding), Lenox (saws), Shopfox (machinery), Bosch / Skill (power tools).

2005, opens its branch in Santiago de Los Caballeros, well able to distribute our extensive range of products and provide quality service to the north of the country. In Santiago extensive inventory of wood, production workshop, and hardware department it is maintained.

2010, wood drying kilns are incorporated, so we can expedite the delivery of merchandise to our customers.

2011, The company celebrates its 10th anniversary, and we are proud to have: a staff that has grown to 140 professionals, with the solidarity of a comprehensive portfolio of customers and a dedicated group of collaborators over the years.

2013, we expanded our hardware department, introducing sales of wholesale goods with our own brand called MIPECKER; We offer a wide range of hardware products for hardware stores and cabinetmaking industries of the country.

2014, In order to provide even more services and solutions to our customers, the company opened Treated Timber SA., Dedicated to drying and wood treatment chemical. A treatment plant with autoclave system is incorporated.